Here at Rachel Rose Weddings, we think that choosing your destination wedding photographer should not only be hassle-free but also a joyful experience to add to your wedding journey.

So today we have the lovely Claire from Claire Graham Photography here to share some advice for choosing your destination wedding photographer.

“You’ve found your beautiful destination venue to hold your momentous day and now you’re searching for the perfect photographer to capture it in all its glory!  It can be overwhelming with so many photographers all specialising in different styles of wedding photography. So when it comes to choosing your destination wedding photographer, here are some helpful tips to consider.”


Your wedding day is one of the most cherished days of your life! So it’s only right, you would want all the memories of the day captured by a photographer whose work excites you and who you feel comfortable with – especially as you’ll be spending a lot of time together!  


Research is key when looking for your photographer! A good starting point would be to study the style of photography that really resonates with you, is it bright/airy, dark/moody, vibrate/saturated?  When examining the photographer’s work, establish how couples are posed are they relaxed and natural or posed.  In the images are you more drawn to a more clean and minimal image or a busy detailed image?  Does the photographer work with natural light or a flash? Do they shoot digital, film or mix of both (hybrid)? By narrowing down all that appeals to you, will help shortlist potential photographers.


Try and get a feel for the photographer as a person, they need to be a good fit for you personality-wise. Many destination weddings are likely to hold a pre-wedding/welcome dinner the night before, so you will be spending a lot of time together!  So it important that you connect and feel comfortable with them and in front of their camera.  The more comfortable you are, the more genuine you will look in your photographs. 


An experienced photographer will not only bring skill to your wedding but can also adapt quickly to almost any situation with ease and with professionalism. In most cases, they can also assist in the smooth running of your wedding day.  Experienced destination wedding photographers also have an understanding of international/local travel, insurance, the process for baking up images etc. Giving you the confidence of knowing that everything is being taken care of.

“So these are just a few tips for you to consider when searching for your destination photographer. Remember it’s your day, your journey, and your experience, so choose a photographer that will tell your story in a way that matches your vision!”

Thank you Claire for providing such wonderful guidance on one decision to be made on a destination wedding.  You can visit Claire’s website here to see more wedding inspiration.


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