Getting Married in Spain?

Your wedding questions answered by Rachel Rose Weddings

It is only possible to legally marry in Spain if you are either Catholic and wish to marry in a Catholic Church or if you are legally registered as living in Spain and can then have a civil ceremony in your local town hall or occasionally in another venue conducted by the Town Mayor. There are no exceptions to this at the moment so if you are neither of these, as most of our couples are, we advise you to do the legal bit in the uk in your local registry office. You can treat this just as getting the licence to making your blessing here legal and you don’t have to exchange rings or vows, keeping these special moments for your blessing ceremony in Spain. We do have a beautiful little chapel in Marbella where you can hold your blessing if you have always imagined a church wedding rather than a garden wedding. This would still be a non legal blessing and can be non religious but is only suitable for weddings with up to 60 guests. We are currently looking for additional ceremony venues for our couples and will be updating this information shortly.

If you are catholic then again this process is a relatively easy one and we have a dedicated church organizer who will deal with all the paperwork for you, contacting priests, arranging translators or if preferred an English speaking priest and also legalizing your marriage certificate with the relevant departments over here. All our venues have a choice of stunning churches located within white villages or old towns and are within a 15 minute drive so transport for your guests is easily arranged by us.

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